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Offering Speciality Vegan Foods in Australia since 2009.
We're here to help all you busy beavers out there by delivering healthy, balanced and cost-effective meals direct to your door.

Galaxy Vegan

Michele Barnes created Galaxy Vegan because she was passionate about taking a stand against animal products and caring for our planet. Her journey led her from retail to Farmer's markets, and ultimately to online so she could share her healthy vegan food with anyone in Australia.  


Michele is a home cook with over 30 years of experience creating and developing authentic, whole foods for a variety of clients and customers. Her life's mission is to put her heart and soul into cooking beautiful vegan food.


Galaxy Vegan takes great care to deliver a very cost-effective and balanced vegan diet to your door.


Our promise to you is that every ingredient is responsibly, and locally sourced. Every meal is cooked with the ultimate care for food safety and your enjoyment. My greatest blessing in life is creating fulfilling, vegan food for you and your family.


Michele Barnes

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