Meal Packs

Lunch and Dinner Value Packs


Delivered Frozen to Grab and Go


Meal Packs are a cost-effective and easy way to order lunch or dinner for 5 or 7 days.

They're also a great way to try a range of different meals if you are just starting out on our site. We offer a range of weekly meals which are balanced and delicious, saving you time in planning your best weekly menu.

Small Packs (a) - 5 Single Serve Meals

Small Packs (b) 5 Single Serve Meals

Dinner Packs (a) - 5 Medium Meals

Dinner Pack (b) 5 Medium Meals

7 Day Medium Pack

Dinner Packs (a) - 5 Large Meals

7 Day Large Pack

Dinner Pack (b) 5 Large Meals


Fi Fi's Choice Gluten Free Pack

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