Fresh Green Dip

One of our favourite combinations since almond butter and banana, this spinach, corn and cashew pie is the perfect choice when you want to show your skin some serious love! With fresh spinach delivering iron, folate, vitamins C E and A, corn’s rich collagen boosting properties AND creamy cashews topping it off with selenium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium, this is a meal that will have you glowing from the inside out! Add this one to your weekly rotation today and discover how our perfect pie collection delivers the ultimate in party food without the heavy hangover! 


Pastry, Soy Milk, Olive Oil, Spinach, Sweetcorn, Cashew Nuts, Flour, Vegetable Stock, Herbs and Spices


Calories: 304.5

Total Fat: 13.6g

Cholesterol: 66.8g

Sodium: 1129mg

Carbohydrate: 18.8g

Sugars: 15.7g

Dietary Fibre: 4.0g

Protein: 26.4g

Calcium: 51.2g

Spinach, Sweetcorn and Cashew Nut Pies


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